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27 March 2011 @ 08:56 pm
.015 - Drabbles {Kanjani8, ViViD, SCREW, Super Junior}  
From prompts given to me on Twitter so I wouldn't be bored for something that ended up not giving me a moment of time to myself, lol. But I wrote some of them anyway.

Disclaimer: I've written most of these hopped up on pain meds for my extra sprained with a side of sprain ankle. There might be (is) fail.

girlearthless - [Kanjani8] Yoko/Yasu // butterfly kisses // PG

“No,” Yoko protests as he backs away. “Wait until Subaru gets back. He’d be more than happy to help.” There’s just something moderately terrifying about the concept of being a test subject.

“It will be over in two seconds,” Yasu pouts for effect as he matches Yoko step for step. “They’re just fake lashes.”

They’re not just anything. These are rhinestoned be-feathered monstrosities that make Yasu’s eyes look as though they’re expanding across his face, like Gollum or one of the troll figurines that were so popular in the nineties.

“I still don’t understand why you can’t do it without.” Yoko cringes as his back hits a wall.

“Because mine are way too short. Just hold still.”

Hands press against his shoulders, and Yasu rises on his toes to flutter the eyelashes against Yoko’s jaw. His lips must be parted, for Yoko can feel soft beats of warmth against his throat.

“Well?” The word brushes his skin softly.

“Well?” Yoko dumbly echoes. The pressure of Yasu’s hands is light, but Yoko couldn’t move away from them if his life depended on it.

Laughter is a rhythm of heat on his neck, and the eyelashes tickle him again. “How do they feel?”

“Scratchy,” Yoko says, “except for the feather at the end.”

“No way,” Yasu cries in dismay, pulling back. “I tested them on myself!”

“Fingers can’t move at the same speed as your eyelids,” Yoko retorts, proud of himself for his quick thinking. “You’ll never know how it feels.”

A sweet, irresistible smile curves the shorter man’s lips. “I can if you wear them.”


girlearthless - [Kanjani8] Yasu/Ryo // turning corners // PG13

Sometimes love comes easily, too easily, as quick as it takes to turn a page, the new infatuation covering the old. It happens in the time it takes to feel the hard press of a chest against his own, to feel strong hands grip his hips to steady him.

“Sorry, wasn’t watching where I was going,” Ryo says, voice thin from lack of air, because it is suddenly difficult to take a breath.

“No harm done,” Yasu cheerfully replies, and keeps walking, disappearing from Ryo’s sight as he turns the corner.

The words on the page begin to come into focus. Ryo struggles with the urge to peer around the edge of the wall and watch Yasu like a lovesick fool, to observe the details that he’s always passed over before. The exposition of a new story has only just begun.


liangzhu - [SCREW/ViViD] Kazuki/Ryouga, implied SCREW/Ryouga, Reno/Ryouga // Ryouga’s hard hard life // PG13
[Note: based primarily off a Kazuki blog entry in which he and Ryouga are together in a room of “lots of laughs” and a few of Ryouga’s from last summer in which he stole Byou’s SCREW bandana]

“It’s just for the night,” Kazuki assures Reno with a smile that would only ease the fears of children, who couldn’t be expected to read the baring of teeth correctly.

“And you said no permanent damage?” Ryouga can’t believe that Reno actually appears to be thinking it over. It must be a front. Surely his leader would never sell him out. “And no temporary damage that will interfere with his performance onstage?” Reno asks sharply.

“None at all,” Kazuki grins, and his teeth suddenly look far sharper than they had a moment ago.

“Don’t I get a say in this?” His voice is a growl, which pleases Ryouga. Maybe he can intimidate the guitarist into changing his mind. He ignores the voice in his head that says it’s wishful thinking.

“Do you want to refuse our senpai?” Reno asks him, though he doesn’t look reluctant to refuse them at all. He looks just a little too amused by this--resigned, but amused.

“Do they really count as senpai now that we’ve had our major debut?” Ryouga knows that it’s based on experience, not on how far they’ve come, but seriously, the debut should at least put them on somewhat equal footing, especially with Kazuki, since they’re nearly the same age anyway.

“Why don’t you ask Byou and Jin that?” Kazuki returns just as pleasantly.

“This is amusing you, isn’t it?” Ryouga ignores the intruder and turns on Reno. “You’re enjoying my pain. You’re the worst leader ever.” Ryouga really wants to add a kick to that, but he refrains.

“You know, there’s always room for one more if you’d like to participate,” Kazuki invites Reno. “I’m sure there’s a lot we could teach you about disci--leading your band.”

The blond guitarist looks equal parts intrigued and fearful over what his position as “student” would entail, but shakes his head. “I have my own style.”

“What if I just give the bandana back to Byou?” Ryouga asks desperately. “I have it--I could just give it to him--” getting within arm’s reach of the vocalist is probably a bad idea ”--or to you, I have it in my guitar case, I’ll give it to you and--”

“Are you afraid?” Kazuki smirks.

Shit. Well. Goddammit and fuck. Maybe his pride could take the hit. He could say yes and be absolved and maybe all of the senpai would know he was a chickenshit, but he would have successfully escaped whatever SCREW had planned and that, really, was the important thing.

“No,” Ryouga mutters, and he freezes. That hadn’t been what he had meant to say. He’d meant to say yes and then run for the fucking hills. He doubted they’d put the effort into chasing him; they’d probably just entertain themselves with someone else until his return, and then he’d really pay for it.

“Well then,” the leader of SCREW beams and takes Ryouga’s limp hand, tugging on it as he walks towards the door. “There’s no reason to stay here bothering poor Reno, is there? We’ll have lots of laughs tonight~.”


yuuana - [ViViD] Reno/Ryouga // why are you crying // PG
Note: There are no tears of emo manpain in this, because I don't write that. There are tears of regular manpain, because I hit him where it hurts. Right in the 'nads.

Wearing a mask is mostly useless for combating Tokyo’s allergy season. Ryouga sniffs again and rubs his watery, itchy eyes.

“Are you crying?” IV asks.

“Allergies,” Ryouga returns in his best congested growl. Of course the little twerp is disgustingly healthy and cheerful today.


He hadn’t brought an umbrella, and of course the skies decide to take a giant dump on him when he’s nowhere near shelter or a store.

“The weather got you down?” Ko-ki grins as water drips from Ryouga’s bangs to his eyes, running down his cheeks like tears.

“Fuck off,” he snarls.


It was IV’s fault. The bassist slammed the door open, and it startled Ryouga into jumping and landing off-balance, and in an attempt to protect his guitar, he fell awkwardly and painfully, straddling his guitar case, which has just mashed his balls to his crotch.

“Are you okay?” Shin asks, wincing in sympathy as Ryouga gasps through pain and the beginnings of tears.

“Stupid . . . fucking . . . question, “ the guitarist wheezes.


“Don’t say a fucking word,” Ryouga takes another drag off his third calming cigarette.

“Bad week, huh.” Reno lights up next to him.

“Fucking karma,” is Ryouga’s sullen reply. He crushes the stub and pulls out a fourth. His lungs feel like they’re filled with tar, but it’s an excuse to stay out here longer, so he’ll take it.

“Want to go out and drunk-dial everyone at ridiculous hours of the night?”

“You can get away with that because you’re leader.” Ryouga chuckles dryly, but isn’t amused.

“You’re the only one I do it to.” His lips curve in a smile that he covers under the guise of taking a drag. Ryouga wishes he could see Reno’s lips close around the end of the cigarette.

“Oh,” he says, not really listening, and Reno turns to look at him steadily, waiting for the words to sink in through his dim brain. “Oh.

“So. Want to go out for drinks tonight? My treat.”

As he walks with Reno to the bar, Ryouga wonders how much it would cost in both money and humiliation to get IV and Ko-ki to pull of something that would make him cry again for real.


Random generator, maybe? - [Super Junior] Donghae/Kyuhyun // what's a round of mono among friends? // PG

“Come on.”


“You know you want to.”

“If I lose this level because of you, I will kill you in your sleep, resurrect you, and kill you again.”

“We’d never lose. It’s us. You’re just grouchy because you haven’t had any.”


“I already gave it to Eeteuk and 'Hyuk, you know you’re going to end up with it one way or another.”

“….Fuck.” Kyuhyun sighs and leans over, helping himself to a spoonful of Donghae’s ice cream with Donghae’s mono-infested spoon.

“See, it’s all better isn’t it?” Donghae beams.

Kyuhyun vehemently disagrees weeks later when the flu symptoms start.


ky_rin - [Super Junior] Shiwon/Sungmin // the quiet ones // PG13
[Note: AU]

It’s a filthy habit that he picked up from Heechul, but Sungmin occasionally indulges anyway. His lips purse around the cigarette as he eyes the young man on the other side of the window speculatively. It’s the fourth time this week he’s been in the coffee shop, sitting next to the window, hardly moving when the rest of the customers fidget, gesture to their friends, lean closer or further away from laptops and textbooks. In a sea of motion and chatter, the young man is still and quiet.

The quiet ones don’t know it, but they scream to get out. Their unintentional stifling of their self-expression forces it to manifest in other ways, most often in bed, or so it’s been in Sungmin’s experience--granted, he hasn’t really looked for manifestations elsewhere, but that’s not the point.

The point is that the young man in the window is tall and good-looking in a brooding sort of way, and Sungmin wants to get him in bed yesterday. So he stands on his tiny excuse for a balcony and watches through cigarette smoke and sunglasses, waiting for the right moment.

Sungmin can be quiet, too.


girlearthless - [Super Junior] TeukChul // a kiss with a fist is better than none // R

Sometimes, Heechul wants to punch Eeteuk square in his pretty mouth. He wants to feel those plush lips pushed flat beneath his fingers, wants to see them split and swell, bruised and red. They'd stretch in a grimace, and the skin would tear, blood rising to the surface to give them a crimson shine. He wants to see Eeteuk break, mouth pulling down at the corners like the sad half of the theatre masks, to see tears, real tears, the sort that are cried when there is no hope, not the useless sort of emoting that everyone is privy to.

And then, with Eeteuk blubbering on the floor, picturesquely crumpled, Heechul would bend down and kiss Eeteuk's damaged lips to taste failure in a cinematically perfect scene where he plays hero and antichrist all in one. And there would be strings playing in the background.

Mostly, when Heechul's imagination doesn't run away with the idea, he just wants to punch Eeteuk. He won’t admit that it’s because he wants to kiss it better.

Sometimes, Eeteuk wants to throw Heechul against a wall. He wants to wrinkle Heechul's perfect clothes, to hear the seams creak as he clenches too tightly. Heechul's face would cloud over in angry horror as designer brands are ruined and stretched out of shape. He wants to hear Heechul's body smack against the unforgiving surface, to hear the breath expelled out of his lungs and see him recognize, and feel just a little fear that Eeteuk has a breaking point, too.

Heechul's hands would rise up in an instinctive move to defend himself, and that little glimpse of fear would turn into a snarl of anger. Eeteuk is sure that Heechul would give Eeteuk's clothes the same treatment, twisting folds of cotton to pull him closer to release the full heat of his temper. His breath would be hot against Eeteuk’s face, his mouth close enough to . . . And Eeteuk would . . . he would . . .

Imagining throwing Heechul against a wall in frustration is as far as Eeteuk lets himself think, because the aftermath doesn't reflect his anger at all.

a prohibition mc: vivid - reno&ryouga rainbowsliangzhu on March 28th, 2011 08:51 am (UTC)
AHAHAHAHA RYOUGA'S LIFE IS HARD EVERYWHERE. *loves* And he tries so hard, too. This reminds me a bit of that drabblebaby you wrote with Teru being given to the alien queen without consultation. Only Ryouga is much more fail because he tries to fight it. XDDDD ♥♥♥♥♥

“This is amusing you, isn’t it?” Ryouga ignores the intruder and turns on Reno. “You’re enjoying my pain. You’re the worst leader ever.”
I'm having trouble articulating why I love this bit so much. I think it's because Ryouga sounds so petulant in my head when he says it. And I feel like it's some sort of commentary on Reno's leadership style (in a good way) that he can get away with saying it. For now? XD

Also, bloglink!


Your Yasu seems to have an underlying evil. XP Maybe not evil, but, yeah. *re-reads* Maybe not 'underlying' either, come to think of it. IDK. I don't trust the smiley ones.

Donghae's logic is not Earth logic.

...and Sungmin wants to get him in bed yesterday.
(^-^)bbbb Or, I suppose: ( ´Д`)y━・~~ (stolen from Yuuto, of all people)

I feel like the Shiwon/Sungmin one could almost fit in my Noirverse. Sungmin could, at least. XD Did you have anything in mind for the AU aspect when you wrote it, or just that they didn't know each other? *prods brain?* I am trying to leave insightful commentary hokay. >.>

And the laaaast one... shiny and rawr *_* I dunno if it was intentional, but it seems like even though you've got both POVs in, it's still quite Heechul/Eeteukinthatorder. But maybe that's because bitchy and grargh come so much more naturally to Heechul. XDD Either way! Going to stop being weirdly analytical of drabbles at 2am now. >.>
Panpot_and_kettle on March 29th, 2011 01:56 am (UTC)
IT IS. HEY, YOU PROMPTED, AND I RAN WITH IT. was very tempted to write aftermath and it wanted to explode but there were too many people to include so I cheerfully set them all free and ran in the opposite direction RYOUGA'S HARD HARD LIFE IS VERY INSPIRING OKAY. :D ;D ;D ESPECIALLY BECAUSE IT'S SO TRUE AND THERE ARE COUNTLESS THINGS TO CHOOSE FROM AS FACTUAL PROMPTY EVIDENCE. THERE WOULD BE MORE IF I FOUND TIME TO TRANSLATE (soon omg almost done with my duties that begin with G that I loathe to do \(x__X)/)


Duuuude i'd forgotten about that drabble. Fail on me for recycling plot lines even if this time they are definitely true.

Lol, Yasu is not EVIL except maybe with Ryo because I have rules about Ryo's life being hard and miserable and wonderful for me he is just . . . . IRRESISTIBLE :D? OR SOMETHING :D? I have no idea. I don't trust them either.

Gasp, from Yuuto even? He must miss Byou's chainsmoking a lot or sth. Oh man, I don't know if reading your Noirverse corrupted my Sungmin or if it just subconsciously made me want to write something potentially noir-ish or gritty or dark (or if I was just grouchy about my children and wanted to write something dark haha) but yes, it did turn out that way! Um, I actually didn't. Or I kind of did and kept rejecting everything and then was liek WAIT I DON'T NEED BACKSTORIES OR CAREERS. I kept waffling between Sungmin the barista (quickly rejected), Sungmin the reporter (still want), or Sungmin the VP of Security (was leaning towards this, since being in Security makes one Obsevant and Patient and Other Capitalized Things). Lame martial arts extrapolation, but w/e.

I love your insightful commentary ♥

Shiwon was just supposed to be a Good University Student or something else equally Pure and Wholesome. Okay, maybe that doesn't go with university student but it's Shiwon okay. I STILL REMEMBER HIM BETTER AS UNCORRUPTED AND AWKWARD. NOT THE BIG HO HE IS TODAY. :|||||

OMG I think the last one is everyone's fav, including mine. *____* Hahaha, it would be Heechul/Eeteuk in that order for me, even if Heechul physically bottomed (which I have an aversion to writing thanks to fandom, even though both TeukChul suffer from having no penii according to the majority of fic ]:). Eeteuk's rawr just doesn't compare to Heechul's RAWR in my head.

ILU. DON'T STOP YOUR LONG COMMENTS AND STUFF. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ WHERE IS *YOUR* VIVIDFIC :D? :D? :D?

Your for now makes me want to write FUTUREFIC and see if my predictions come true >D >D >D I predict that SCREW thoroughly trains corrupts influences Reno to take ViViD's leadership in a new direction. >D >D >D >D And IV and Ko-ki are eager assistants and Shin is a willing recipient while Ryouga's life continues to be difficult in a variety of wonderful and ~*~creative~*~ ways >D >D >D ONE DAY. It will happen. Maybe Uruha will also come in for ubersenpai (since Gazette would be the most senpai in PSC now) advice to Reno about being the prettiest AND the manliest and how to use it properly as a weapon and as a reward. Or something. IDK. ADVICE AND HOT HOT HOT HOT GUITARISTS AND UNF *________* Ωø√©åß´∆®å˚∆˙˚∆˙å yeah. I might not be coherent enough to write it. Blablablabla. I'm exhausted and on painkillers can you tell :D? THE PRESCRIPTION ONES. \O/ YAY FOR BEING AT HOEM.

a prohibition mc: butoukan - cockroaches need love tooliangzhu on March 29th, 2011 06:18 am (UTC)
SEQUEL Y/Y. Not sure which drabble that's referring to. Definitely Ryouga's hard life. I feel like that could be a series. :D :D :D


Maybe it's just your version of Yasu that seems evil. XD I'm probably used to the smiley ones being people like, y'know, Kazuki.

Yuuto has been using that face a lot on Twitter lately. I think this was the first instance of it: びっくりするくらい練習した。( ´Д`)y━・~~ あ、でも明日やる曲練習してないや( ̄◇ ̄;)

@(・●・)@ Now he's been favoring this one: ⊂((・x・))⊃

Anyways. If Yuuto misses Byou's chainsmoking, it works in my ficverse so I am all for that from a non-health-related standpoint. >.>

Being in Security also = gun puns weapons, yay! Though that amuses me because it'd almost be like you switched Sungmin and Siwon's latest drama roles - Sungmin was a uni student in President and Siwon was... IDK, probably some sort of federal agent, in Athena. XDDD Strangely, my Noirverse version of Siwon is way more Pure and Wholesome than my non-AU version. I just realized this. o_O Noir!Siwon is a Good Cop who fails at lying especially to Heechul. XD I think non-AU!Siwon started out Wholesome and decided to turn my current drabble upside-down and now pwns. Sungmin and I are baffled.

Anyways. Nobody compares to Heechul's RAWR. Heechul's RAWR is fierce. But I actually don't think my favorite is the last one. I think my favorite is the non-emo mantears one, but I am a sucker for sectioned fics like that and also the Reno/Ryouga, ofc. And my brain keeps tacking on an ending wherein Ryouga ends up being a crying drunk. >.> Also biased towards the SiMin, damn you Super Junior.

...but you know, I started my first SuJu fic in 2007 before I could even tell most of them apart. So perhaps I should've seen this coming.

WAIT, WHAT VIVIDFIC. I WROTE VIVIDFIC! I WROTE IT FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY. And I just recently cross-posted it, so it makes me feel like I wrote it more recently than half a year ago. WIN FOR ME. :D I'm sure I can work them into my pseudo-drabble challenge thing.

The amount of >D faces in that last pargraph kinda scares me. But Uruha/Reno would be *_____* WOULD RYOUGA BE HELPFUL LAB RAT SO URUHA CAN DEMONSTRATE HIS ADVICE? Poor Ryouga I am just trying to get him laid in trouble all the time.
Panpot_and_kettle on March 29th, 2011 02:46 pm (UTC)
IKR? SADNESS. Well, I don't think that many Jrock friends are watching this lj and I never post drabbles? Yeah.

Jrock makes me ignore the health aspects of smoking in fic. Jrock has ruined me in many ways.

I THINK YOU NEED TO SEND ME THIS DRABBLE THAT BAFFLES YOU AND SUNGMIN. Heechul does not permit anyone to own in my head. He rules with an iron fist except when Sungmin and Kyu completely ignore him and then Heechul pretends it was part of his master plan anyway. Or something. IM NOT SURE I COULD WRITE PRESENT NEEDY SLIGHTLY HOISH SHIWON so I must write AUs and things set in the past where he's not. Either way I think he ends up being a cariacature so I fail x__X

ITS LIKE YOU READ MY MIND ABOUT URUHA AND RYOUGA. QHAHAHA YES TRY TO GET HIM LAID. AUGH. I feel this really calls for some fic. you've got my factory going. *____*
a prohibition mc: matenrou opera - yuu - cigs & coffeeliangzhu on March 29th, 2011 04:09 pm (UTC)
They are missing out.

Jrock has ruined me in many ways.
True. Supporting fictional smoking is probably on the less-worrying end of the spectrum, come to think of it. >.> When compared to, say, talking seriously in public about writing porn with real people.

IT'S NOT DONE AND THE BAFFLING PART IS STILL IN MY HEAD WHERE IT IS BAFFLING AND GIVING ME WRITER'S BLOCK. It started out with cariacature!Siwon being Earnestly Concerned about Sungmin's hula-hoop!fail (I lost the .gif but it's on YouTube too - he apparently can't hula-hoop which I DON'T BELIEVE). And now I sense that there are Ulterior Motives and it's turning out that Sungmin's way to ~distract~ him from his Earnest Concern was all part of Siwon's plan after all. BAFFLED. I wanted to write knight-in-shining-armor, slightly-ditzy Siwon, but I guess it was not meant to be. And I like him as a cariacature. Probably because everyone builds him up so much IRL.

Heechul is strangely quiet in my head, but I think that's because the Noirverse!epic ended up being largely from his POV so he's already getting enough attention. -_- (omg it took me five tries to make that face)


Panpot_and_kettle on March 29th, 2011 08:41 pm (UTC)
Maybe I will xpost.....idk I never post anything anymore lol!!

Hahahaha I've done that >.> bu that's really notsomuch Jrock as it is being anporn writing fix writer in a fandom

Clearly we need to discuss both shimin and uryouga on Im in moAr depth bc I get old school Aoi but the Reno reference is confusing meh

a prohibition mc: super junior - sungmin - v neckliangzhu on March 30th, 2011 05:54 am (UTC)
I only crossposted the ViViD fic cos I wanted to remind jrockyaoi to bid on things at help_japan since I've updated the list through the end of the auction, but I wanted to not just post with an ad again. >.> Even if that's still better than half of what's being posted these days. *old fogey*

...I'm assuming you typed that on your phone (or while on serious painkillers - or both) because "...as it is being anporn writing fix writer in a fandom" needs clarification. XD I think I get the idea but I'm not sure.

Oh, Reno is second-generation Uruha, therefore Uruha is the original Reno. Something like that.
Panpot_and_kettle on March 31st, 2011 12:16 am (UTC)
Hahaha I did type it on my phone. Was supposed to be "As it is being a pr0000n writing fic writer in a fandom." As in, it's being in fandom's fault. And fandom corrupts.

Ohhhhhhhh that makes sense in a way. But I have a hard time reconciling yesteryear!Uruha with current!Reno. I still think Uruha was more manly and rawr than now!Reno. Reno just looks too squishy and pretty and not UNFUNF ~*~KNOWINGLY SULTRY~*~ and all ~*~COME HITHER SO I CAN PWN YOU~*~ like oldschool (and now!) Uruha. *_______* Yeah. *____* God. *________* Can you imagine Uruha teaching Reno how to smoulder? First of all, Reno smouldering is just damn hot, and second, Ikindofimaginehimfailingatit >.> But succeeding with Ryouga! Because Ryouga is easy. :D
Panpot_and_kettle on March 31st, 2011 12:17 am (UTC)
I KNOW WHAT IT IS. RENO DOESN'T WEAR ENOUGH DARK EYE MAKEUP. IF HE DID HE WOULD BE MORE SMOULDERY. AHA. SOLVED. He's very spare with it. My fingers itch to fix this. *_____* +_____+